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Now offering both Parent-Child and Music Together® Preschool classes on Bainbridge Island, Suquamish, Poulsbo & Bremerton!

 Music Together classes are a community of families coming together each week to sing, dance, play instruments, drum, pretend and experience The Joy of Family Music® making. The Music Together curriculum is research based, and classes are based on a multi-age learning model.

Classes are carefully designed to reach children of all different learning styles and personalities, whether your child is a "careful observer" or a "mover and a shaker". Parents and caregivers attend class with their child (or children) and model participation. It's really just that easy!

One thing a Music Together family will tell you is that the music and activities from class become a regular and cherished part of daily family life. My families often share wonderful stories about this. I believe this is one of many things that sets Music Together apart from other early, childhood music programs. The music and the structure of the classes appeal to all members of the family. Parents are often astonished at how quickly their child recognizes, requests and actually joins in with the music from class. There is a very good reason for this... songs are actually researched and developed to be both accessible and appealing to little ones. A handful of songs in every song collection is a "song without words" sung on syllables. You will NOT see words on posters at Music Together classes, but you WILL see and hear adults and children actively engaged in making music! At class, at home, and even in the car.

Music Together classes build on your child's natural enthusiasm for music and movement. Music Together classes will help you provide your child with the basic musical skills needed to enjoy school and social musical activities, and to study an instrument should he or she choose to do so.

Check out the national Music Together Website for more information and great videos of Music Together classes. www.musictogether.com.  Check out this link of families around the world singing the "Hello Song" in honor of Sing With Your Child Month:  http://www.musictogether.com/singmonth

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What's New

New Outreach Class in Suquamish
NOTE (There will be no class Wednesday, October 22nd!)

New this fall: A Very Special Music Together Parent-Child Class located in Suquamish. This class is in collaboration with Kids In Concert (KIC) and their program to establish an El Sistema Model Youth Orchestra. The very youngest kids in the program will attend a Music Together class each week along with their very own, grown up "mentor" from the KIC Program. These children will attend the class with their grown up just as your children attend MT class with you. They will have the CD's, Songbooks and Family Materials at home to share with their families too. The goal of this very special Music Together class is not only to reach the youngest kids in the community with early childhood music, but also to help them along the way in achieving "readiness" as they grow older and join the KIC program to learn an instrument.

This class is only open to families who have taken at least 2 semesters with Little Woodstock Music Together. By attending this class each week with your own children, you are there as a simple model of participation, kindness, understanding, support, encouragement and fun, positive energy. Just come and be your awesome self each week and know that you are indirectly benefiting this class with your modeling and good energy. We need you! If you are interested in registering for this class, please contact me directly. (206) 595-3139.

Please watch this video for more information about El Sistema:

Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Suquamish 
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